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Bright Matter Resourcing aims to provide an outstanding recruitment service for employers and employees. Check out what employers and candidates have to say.


"Marie is the best recruitment agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she manage to find a selection of relevant positions but she also prepares candidates for their interviews really well, making what the recruiter is looking for crystal clear. Her other great asset is her dedication to her job. I am not sure that she sleeps but if she does it must be rarely and not for long. On top of this, Marie has a bubbly personality that makes her a pleasure to work with and takes much of the stress out of the job hunting process. I would recommend Marie to anyone and look forward to working with her again in future."

"Marie identified the right role for me and was very supportive throughout the recruitment process. She provided very helpful advice and kept in touch regularly right up until I was in post. I would not hesitate to recommend Marie as an e-learning recruiter." - Claire Wardell, Head of Learning, Institute of Directors


"With Marie, you get an immediate impression of a recruitment consultant that cares. She's highly personable, consultative and very focused on both client and candidate needs. It was a pleasure working with her. Marie is incredibly professional and highly personable, her good humour and personal approach make conducting business with her very enjoyable experience."

"Marie is a great recruiter. Honest, open to conversation and with knowledge of her field. I have recommended her on many occasions and will continue to do so."

"I highly recommend Marie as a recruiter. I have had the opportunity to work with her closely and she is excellent at reading your skills and personality attributes and finding the perfect fit. She was thorough in communicating the needs of her client to me and setting expectations on both sides of the aisle. She is also astute at recognizing how past experiences which are not literally identical can still be applied to new positions with similar qualities. Her preparation and organisation abilities are excellent which help create the win-win in the end for all parties involved." - Uxía Fernández, Product Manager, 5app


"Marie is a fantastic consultant. Unlike many others I have worked with in the past, Marie knows and understands her clients brilliantly. She is very supportive and knowledgeable about the sector and as a result is very talented in matching the right person to the right role/organisation. In addition Marie is very personable and overall a great pleasure to work with."

"Marie is a delight to work with. Someone who keeps you up to date and reliably informed as to what is happening and when. She works hard to please and is a very energetic and enthusiastic person. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Marie."

"Marie and I connected when she recruited me for one of her ID positions. I was a very new resident of the UK and her guideance and friendship was integral to me finding a dream position with a brand that I'd admired for years. Marie is knowledgeable and compassionate - the perfect qualities for a recruiter." - Marni Wedin, Elearning Instructional Designer, Google


"Marie is a marvellous recruitment consultant - not only does she have a broad and in-depth knowledge of the industry and of the companies within it, she also understands human nature and seems to instinctively know which roles will suit which people. Marie is warm, friendly and engaging, too, and the level of care that she offered when arranging interviews and jobs for me was exemplary. She listened, offered advice and really held my hand along the way to make sure that I was encouraged, that I wasn't too nervous, and that I was making the best of the opportunity. I really can't thank her or recommend her enough - she's by far the best recruitment consultant I've ever worked with, and I feel priveleged to have worked with her."

"As recruitment agents go, Marie stands alone. She is the best recruitment agent I have ever worked with. She is one of the few agents that always stays in touch and keeps you updated."

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Marie for the past 4 years and found her to be very personable and professional. I have recommended her companies services to a number of people and will continue to do so. If you have the opportunity to work with Marie I am very confident that she would exceed expectations." - Sam Lee, Director, Integra Aerospace


"I found Marie to be very involved in her work, she kept in constant contact between myself on the human resource department at the company that was hiring and kept me informed of each process every step of the way. It isn't often that I have received this level of service and I was very impressed with Marie's efficiency and her kind nature and commitment to providing the best possible service. I would highly recommend Marie and would definitely work with her again!"

"Marie was a pleasure to work with and she was fantastic in helping me secure a new position she was recruiting for. She was provided excellent support throughout and was always willing to put in extra effort wherever she could."

"All the way through the process, from the first chat, to helping with last minute onboarding queries Marie was incredibly supportive and helpful. Going way beyond any sourcing executive I have experienced before, Marie even provided helpful summaries via text message prior to the interview, based on previous conversations we'd had. I'd throughly recommend Marie - and I'm sure that many more in the learning technology industry will benefit from her support in their careers." - Gavin Drake, Digital Instructional Designer, PwC


"Marie was a brilliant recruitment consultant and helped me through the process of finding a new role in Project Management. Marie was knowledgeable about the company where the position was based, able to answer any questions and was both very friendly and professional during the entire process. I'm really pleased to have worked with Marie to secure my new role. Thank you!"

"Marie is one of the best recruiters I've met since I moved to UK. She combines a lovely personality with strong professional skills, always happy to help. She was amazing helping me to find a job opportunity in e-learning, very helpful and efficient.I would absolutely recommend Marie for her recruiter skills."